RTOERO Commemorative Publications

May 29, 2022

The Formation of Districts
The first Senate Meeting of The Superannuated Teachers of Ontario (STO) met in March 1968. Representatives of the five affiliates of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation were the voting delegates. An Extension Committee organized STO into geographic Areas across the province. The committee based the areas on the provincial county board system. On December 4, 1968, the Areas set were:

Area 1 / Fort William   *   Area 2 / Sault Ste. Marie   *   Area 3 / North BayArea   *   Area 4 / Windsor

Area 5 / Waterloo   *   Area 6 / St. Catharines   *   Area 7 / Dufferin, Peel, Malton, Simcoe

Area 8 / Toronto Area   *   Area 9 / Peterborough   *   Area 10 / Ottawa

STO reorganized into Districts in 1972 and made the necessary changes to the Constitution with some adjustments made to the composition of districts in 1973. Voting delegates named by districts attended the first Senate meeting in May 1974.

RTOERO Toronto District 16 documents commemorate district milestones.
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Toronto District 16 50th Anniversary

RTO/ERO 50th/Toronto 45th/Toronto Districts 17th Anniversary

RTO/ERO 20th/40th/Toronto District 16 40th Anniversary

RTOERO documents commemorate decades of growth.

A Decade of Firsts

RTOERO produced a number of ‘special occasion’ documents.