Toronto Executive, 2024-2025

Aug 03, 2023

RTOERO Toronto Districts 16 Executive ~ 2024 – 2025

RTOERO Toronto District Government Document (PDF)

Term of Office: July 1 to June 30

We welcome any member who may be interested in learning more about RTOERO, possibly with a view to considering other positions on future executives.


President: Varla Abrams



Past President: Ruth Baumann



1st Vice President: Barbara Antheunis



2nd Vice President: Yvonne Lee



Secretary/Treasurer: Herb Stover



Advocacy/Pensions: Mahendra Gupta



Archives/Benefits: Yvonne Lee



Communications: Michelle Blais



Goodwill/Memoriam: Wendy Blain



Membership: Sheila MacMillan



Social/Activities: Heather Talbot



Social/Events: Kay Jeffery



Theatre Day Trips: Karen Sinclair



Members at Large:


Vida Arshad


Marjorie Blake



Walter Jedrzejek



Michael Rethazi




Susan Weinert


Lena Vigilio


Lou Manning