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2024 Scholarship earned by Three Toronto District 16 students

May 15, 2024

The 2024 RTOERO post-secondary scholarship recipients have been selected, and three members in Toronto District 16 have recommended a successful candidate.

RTOERO received 230 applications and 20 recipients were selected. It was a very impressive group of applicants. The successful candidates and their RTOERO sponsors should feel very proud.



Ayva O’Mahony (below left), currently completing an MSc in Rehabilitation studies – physical therapy, was recommended by member Patricia O’Mahony.







Daniela Sablinskas (below centre), currently completing an MA in Counselling Psychology, was recommended by member Angela Sablinskas.







Adam Omarali (below right), currently completing a BSc in Engineering Science, was recommended by member Varla Abrams.